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The Schatzlein Outpost brings you a sampling of the leather goods, riding equipment and apparel stocked at the shop - Western and English Apparel, Tack, Boots, Hats and more! We carry many popular name brands in our Minneapolis, Minnesota store. Many, many items are not on these web pages. Stop in or call!

Boot Care and Accessories
for your Western and English Boots

We have many boot care and accessory items in our Minneapolis, MN store: Shoe Trees, Boot Jacks and Pulls ons, Boot Polish and Brushes,Leather and Saddle Soap, SaltRemover, Boot Laces, Lexol Products, Leather Cleaner and Conditioners, and more! Ariat boot Top Shaper, stretcher shoe trees, cordovan


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ariat trees shaft  
Ariat Tall Boot Shaft Trees

SKU# 31398

•Durable molded plastic boot trees •Designed specifically for tall women's boots •Prolongs the life of boots •Maintains look and fit of boots •Spring action accommodates a variety of shaft widths •Allows airflow to prevent moisture buildup and odor •Two shapers included for one pair of boots

$ 23.95


 logo boot jack
Boot Jack
Boot jacks helps remove your boots with ease

SKU# 019051

  • $10.95
  • Wooden
  • Shop Logo
Boot Hooks, Boot Pulls
Boot Hooks Pulls
Helps with pulling on your boot wooden handle

SKU# 038159


  • $ 5.95
  • 1 Set (2 hooks)
  • 7 1/2" Nickel plated
  • Metal with wood handles & flat ends
  • See Long hook below
Long Boot HOOKS

flexible, extra long shoe horn help putting on your boot 13"

  • $10.95
  • SKU #27991
  • MF-04026
  • Boot Hooks 13"
  •  •Sold in pairs. Price shown is for 0ne (1) pair.
  • check stock
Justin Boot Cream


BLACK  polish

  3.0 oz

  • $ 5.95
  •  Burgundy, Neutral, Black, Cognac, London Tan in store
  • 3.7 OZ
  • Sku# 000691 Black

See Meltonia Polish
 for  Black Cherry below
Black Cherry
 kelly cordovan black cherry
Kelly Cordovan boot polish
Kelly Shoe Cream

SKU# 37468


Manufactors are not making labels as  Black Cherry ,  now, known as Cordovan

  • $3.25
  • Cordovan 
  •   (is same as
  •  Black Cherry)
  • 1.5 oz
  • Kelly's Professional Shoe Polish contains water-repellent ingredients and the finest blended waxes for a long lasting, high-luster shine. Contains natural Carnauba Wax for that high-gloss shine. Trusted by shoe care specialists since 1899.
Small 6m-8n
Med 8m-10N
X-Lg 12m-14n
Shop Outpost MN    Polish

Kelly Shoe Polish  Shop Outpost MN
D  Out
Boot Brush
Boot Shine Brush, 6" or 8"

SKU# 22155 Black 8"

Sku # 11207 Nat 8"

Sku #030843 Nat 6" 9.95

Sku # 22152 Black 6"  Check Stock

  • 6" - $9.95
  • 8" - $15.95  
  • 100% Horsehair Bristles
  • Star Brush
8 inch Blk
8 inch Nat
6 inch Black
6 inch Nat
Shop Outpost MN
Boot Brush Suede
Suede Brush
Restores the nap to suede leather

SKU# 028817

  • 8" - $5.25
  • Size 1-1/2 x 7
Shoe Tree
Men's Shoe Tree
Cedar Western Boot trees, wick away damaging moisture while keeping your boots in their original shape.

SKU# 018645

  • $26.95
  • Men's Sizes -
  • Red Aromatic Cedar
  • Small - fits 6M-8N
  • Medium - fits 8M-10N
  • Large - fits 10M-12N
  • Xlarge - fits 12M-14N
Small 6m-8n
Med 8m-10N
X-Lg 12m-14n
cart shop  Shop Outpost MN
Shoe Tree
Ladies' Shoe Tree
Cedar Western Boot trees, wick away damaging moisture while keeping your boots in their original shape.

SKU# 012023

  • $26.95
  • Ladies' Sizes - 4W-6M 6W-8N, 8W-10M
  • Red Aromatic Cedar
  • Small - fits 4W-6M
  • Medium - fits 6W-8N
  • Large - fits 8W-10M
  • check sizes
cart shop  Shop Outpost MN



 justin water repel
Justin Water Repellent
Makes boots water-repellent and statin resistant




  • $8.95
  • Sku 33241
  • Spray Can 10.5 oz
  • sold out



Scout Boot Care Reptile Boot Cleaner
Scout Boot Care Reptile Cleaner Conditioner
Cleans, Polishes and preserves Genuine and Imitation reptile leather

SKU# 013992

  • $7.00
  • 8oz, Scout #3604
 Bick 4 leather conditioner
Bick 4  Leather Conditioner
Reconditions old and dry leather

SKU# 14185


  • $8.95
  • 8 Fl Oz,
  • By Bickmore
  • Will not darken leather

Top Seller for Conditioning boots

Scout Boot Care Boot Stretch
Scout  Boot Stretch
Helps stretch and relieve tight boots

SKU# 020808

  • $7.00
  • 8oz, Scout #3602
Scout Boot Care Suede Cleaner
Scout Boot Care Suede Cleaner
For use on all color suede materials

SKU# 016993

  • $7.00
  • 5.5oz, Scout #3606
Scout Mink Oil


3 oz mink oil tub waterproofs soften and conditions smooth leather DO NOT USE ON EXOTIC LEATHER

Small tub


  • $4.00
  • Waterproofs
  • Softens and Conditions Smooth Leathers
  • Keeps Leather Soft, Pliable and Waterproof
  • Prevents Drying, Cracking, and Salt Stains
  • Recommended for Smooth Leather Dress and Workboots.

Check stock

Scout Water /Stain Protector for boots

SKU# 016980


  • $7.00



•With Scout Water Stain Protect Spray, you can wear leather without worry! •Protect spray is dirt- water-repellent •Protects a wide variety of leather, suede, fabrics •Will not change leather color (use with colorfast leathers fabrics)

Scout Boot Care

Distressed Leather Conditioner




  • $6.00
  • sku 014001
  • Deep scuffs can be rubbed out using a deep massaging




snoseal tube
sno seal jar
 Sno Seal

3.5 oz Tube



7 Oz Jar



  • $4.99
  • sku 35010 tube
  • sku 35012 jar
  • call to check stock




3.5 oz Tube
7oz Jar

Atsko 1333 Sno-Seal • Wax based waterproofing material covers leather shoes and boots • Available in tube or jar • Enjoy dry feet all day! • Prevents water from penetrating leather. • Lubricates and conditions leather without softening. • Preserves and lengthens the life of leather. • Does not interfere with the natural breathability of leather. • Extremely resistant to salt stains and spotting. • Does not soften heel counters or box toes. • Will not damage seams or welts. • Maintains flexibility in freezing temperatures. • Will not crack during continual flexing of leather. • Does not deteriorate like other products containing animal fat. • Contains no silicone.

 Polish Dauber Applicator

SKU# 33242


  • $1.50
  • Horse hair
  • Justin Brand
  • Special purchase




tack sponge small
Tack Sponge - Small



  • $.75
  • Small cleaning sponge
  • out of stock
nor v gen


8 oz


  • $9.95
  • Nor-V-Gen oil is an odor-free, non-toxic leather conditioner especially prepared to preserve the life of all leather goods including: Boots and shoes, harnesses, saddles, chaps, straps, baseball mitts, grips, bags etc...
  • Out of stock


Scout Leather and Saddle Soap

# 03620

Keep your footwear looking like brand new! Specially formulated to clean dirt, grime, & salt stains. Helps maintain suppleness & strength. Restores natural preservative oils.

You're serious about your work, and the stains on your boots show it. Scout saddle soap cleans, while keeping leathers soft and pliable by lubricating the leather fibers.

  • sku 026644
  • 3 oz
  • Not for suede
  • $5.00

Great for cleaning boots /, tack
Fiebing Saddle Soap
Fiebing Saddle Soap

SKU# 032975

Used all over the world on fine saddlery, boots, shoes and other smooth leather articles.

Cleans leather and lubricates the fibres to prevent brittleness, all the while maintaining suppleness and strength.

  • $9.95
  • 12.oz


See Other  Cleaners

Check out our selection of Western Rubber & Muck Boots5 buckle rubber boot western

Desalter Kelly
Kelly Lynn

SKU 7371

Removes salt stains from boots and shoes. It will not discolor leather. Also recommended for suede and nappy leather.

  • $4.95
  • 4oz bottle
  • Salt stains can effect footwear in both snowy winter climates and warm coastal areas. De-Salter removes salt stains from leather, suede and fabric shoes and boots. Packaged in an easy to use sponge-top bottle, it can be applied with no mess at all.


 nylon brush
Suede Brush
Nylon brush


Sku# 13692


Brush Suede  Boot Cleaner

  Suede Brush
Suede Brush
Brass brush


Sku# 028820


Brush Suede  Boot Cleaner

Ducks Back Dressing duster
1999 Ducks Back Dressing
Outback Trading Duckback Reproofing Cream

SKU 26050

Also See: Outback Trading Dusters - Oilskin

Enhance the appearance and performance of your oilskin garments.

  • $9.95
  • 6oz can
  • Imported

Check Stock

Ariat Laces
Ariat Terrain Laces
  • $3.99
  • 41"
  • Taupe SKU #013097
  • Black SKU #26783 sold out
Taupe 41"
Black 41"
Ariat Waxed Laces
Ariat Waxed Laces
  • $3.99     Sold Out
  • 56" Black, SKU 013075
  •   Ladies Size
  • 60" Men's 9-13,
  •   Men's Size
  •  Sku 013086    sold Out
Boot Hiker Laces
Boot & Hiker Laces

Sku #

  • 72 inch/ 183 cm
  • Black
  • Check stock different Styles
Leather Lace String
Leather Lace String

Sku 12205

  • $2.50 each
  • 72" 1/8 wide
  • Tan color
In store other leather straps
We have Socks that work great with Western and English Boots noble socks

Western Boot Insole

Sku 22944


Size 13 Only
Other styles of  Insoles in store
Long Boot Horn
Long Boot Horn

SKU# 10514

Flexible, extra long shoe horn help putting on your boot

  • $4.95
  • Special orders taken if not in stock
  • Misc Colors
Ariat Boot Top Shapers, tall boots saver
Ariat Boot Top Shapers

SKU# 31398/ 10002067

Protect your tall boots and keep them in shape with these high quality boot trees . Sold as a pair.

  • $23.95
  • Boot Care 14" high
  • Boot Tree Top Shapers

Tall Boot Bag


  • $24.95
  • Sku 36120
  • #571323
More Boot Care items in Store
We have more Leather care product in storeLexolBick 1 conditionerLexol cleaner

Lexol Conditioner
Lexol Leather Conditioner & Preservative

Softens Leather Great for Boot Care

  • $7.95
  • 8 oz.
  • SKU #18490
  • BEST Seller
More information   Link
Lexol pH Leather Cleaner
Lexol-pH Leather Cleaner
  • $7.95 (8oz.), SKU #18491
  • $36.95 (3 liter, 10.4 oz), SKU #000880
8 OZ. 6.95
3 liter 32.95
spray lexol cleaner

Lexol Spray Cleaner

  • $11.95 1/2 lite Spray
  • Sku 18341

Bick 1

Cleaner - Leather

By Bickmore

  • $9.95
  • Sku 044831
  • 8 fl oz

Bick 4

Leather Condition

By Bickmore

  • $8.95
  • Sku 14185
  • 8 fl  oz