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The Schatzlein Outpost brings you a sampling of the leather goods, riding equipment and apparel stocked at the shop - Western and English Apparel, Tack, Boots, Hats and more! We carry many popular name brands in our Minneapolis, Minnesota store. Many, many items are not on these web pages. Stop in or call!

Hats and Helmets -Western & English

Hat Supplies & Care

Hats and HelmetsFitting, hat shaping and caring for a hat, either Western or English-style.  We stock many different brands like Troxel, Stetson, Resistol, Bailey... Helmets, Straw hats, fur felt wool hats., fashion straw. Many styles in store not showen on web pages.
Used to be, a rider's hat was a common source for watering a thirsty horse.


Western Hat

Fur Felt


stetson corral hat



Wool Felt

straw hat

Western Straw    


Fashion bullhide blaze straw hatStrawjason aldean amerillo sky


 Outback Trading Hats 




Caps woody hat


kids pink hat
Kid's Hats





 Riding Hats  link  


Troxelliberty helmet helmets


Lami-Cell helmet


One K  helmet


Ovation - Protege helmet



Hunt Cap - Velvet

sportage helmetHelmet covers

  Troxel Velvert Helmet


More styles in our store -
this is just a sample of hats

Hat Size Chart
About Hatswinter cover


Hat Winter


Winter Gloves


hats and helmetsHat Care Supplies

Hat Rackshat sponges cleaner dust off

Hat BandsHat Cover

Hat Strings


Hat Covers

Hat Case - Hard

A story about hats / Hat Care & Tips

Professional Hat shaper / stretching in Store Only



Hat Measurement Chart

To Measure For A Hat Size, Using A Tape Measure - measure the widest part of your head just above the ears and eyebrows to the nearest 1/8th inch

Hat Size 6 - 1/2 6 - 5/8 6 - 3/4 6 - 7/8 7 7 - 1/8 7 - 1/4 7 - 3/8 7 - 1/2 7 - 5/8 7 - 3/4 8
Head Size 20 - 1/4 20 - 3/4 21 - 1/8 21 - 1/2 21 - 7/8 22 - 1/4 22 - 5/8 23 23 - 1/2 23 - 7/8 24 - 1/4 25
Metric 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63
  S M L XL
Kids 19 - 1/2 20 - 1/2 21 - 1/4  

About Hats

  1. Always clean your fur felt hat with a dry sponge or brush. Be sure to brush your hat with a counterclockwise motion.
  2. Don’t allow your hat to get dust. A periodic thirty-second brushing of your hat will keep dust and other matter from accumulating on your hat.’
  3. When putting on a hat, never grab the crown with your fingers. The oil on your finger cans causes marks on the crown. In time, this will also weaken your hat
  4. Always thoroughly brush a hat before you steam it for re-shaping
  5. Hang your hat on a hat rack or put it on its crown when you’re temporarily not wearing it.
  6. When storing felt hats for summer, brush the hat and place it in a hatbox. This will retain the shape of the hat and keep it free of dust.
  7. If you have no box to store your hat in, be sure to set the hat on a shell and see that the scope or dip in front extends over the shelf. Other wise, in time, the weight of the hat will flatten the scope.
  8. Rain or snow will not damage a good fur felt hat. Allow your hat to dry naturally away from excessive heat. Reshape the hat (if necessary) when completely dry.
  9. Hats can be cleaned and re-blocked
  10. What do the X’s mean?
  11. The quality of the hat body used to make a hat is the main factor that determines the X’s. In felt it is determined by the percentage of fur’s used in making the hat body. We use beaver, mink, chinchilla and other animal fur to make bodies. The mixture of which furs we use determines the X’s. In straw, the X’s are also determined by the body used to make the hat. The tighter the weave and narrower the straw reed used to make the hat, the better X quality is marked in the hat.