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1900 of Horses onshop

Lake Street - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Location on Schatzlein Saddle Shops
 Building, by parking lot


                 Allagorical Art  -   Artist Jason Najarak


1900 Horse Mural on Lake Street 2015, Minneapois



Around the early 1900 - Allagorical Fine Art of Lake Street - Minneapolis, Minnesota

No cars only horses

No telephones

No Refrigeration  /  Ice Box / Ice Man

Very little electrical


Three guys who had a big part, in the growth of Lake Street

HC Akeley - Lumber  -  Sawmill in Akeley Minnesota

James J Hill -  Railway / Lumber -   Great Northern Railway Co

T.B. Walker -   Lumber Baron - Walker Art Gallery  (1927)


Layman House on Cedar Avenue and Lake Street - Started by Martin Layman /
Now called "Soldiers and Pioneers Cemetery"


Greek to Me building - Look in window and see a square sign  -   25/50/75/100 

Ice Wagon -   Ice man would check the sign in customers window and see the #of  pounds to deliver to the Ice Box

Horse Drawn street cleaner - water wagon

Blacksmith shop

3 Horses pulling a fire ladder going to a fire,  water wagon was ahead.

Milk was delivered by horses - Milk Man


Street Car pulled by "Galiath" 

Bikes - used to deliver messages

Lake Street Grocery store -  check the prices - daily specials

Harnes shop -one of many on Lake Street  


This mural is called  Allegorical Art/ Fine Art    - by Jason Najarak  Minneapolis, MN  2015